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Dental Record Auditing

Patient records are the key to your coding and billing practices; these records also contain patient clinical and medical assessments of your patients. With several team members within the practice being involved in the input of critical patient information, you need to ensure your patient records are as close to accurate as possible. If you have billing knowledge about proper coding procedures, there is always a chance your methods could be outdated, particularly with cross coding of Dental and Medical billing. Typically dental practices are not billing for all the services they perform such as the surgery of major procedures, this results in a loss of substantial revenue, depending on the size of your practice.

It is important to have your records audited from time to time. Moore Martini Medical now offers patient record auditing services, as it helps to have another set of eyes catch things that could be critical to your practice. Our audit team comprised of compliance specialist and certified billers and coders, will audit your billing and patient records to ensure your billing properly for procedures performed that match your patient records, and what you receive is exactly what your claims that have been submitted properly to the insurance companies.

Dental Billing Audit Services

Our Billing Audit services will provide re assurance that your staff is billing accurately to ensure maximum legal reimbursement for procedures covered by Medicare and Private Medical Health plans. There may be internal issues that need to be corrected, which we can uncover and provide you a suggested correction plan.

You may trust your staff is doing your billing correctly, but it’s always nice to have a third party to perform your billing audit. This audit will also ensure that you have been reimbursed properly for each line item billed. We will review billing codes are up to date to ensure proper billing, and to verify your claims are correct and provide guidance on any claims you need to possibly amend. Chart audits may also serve to identify missed billing opportunities that may result in more revenue for your dental practice.

How often should you have your records audited?

To ensure your patient records are compliant with all Federal and State regulations we suggest you do an annual audit at a minimum.

Why do I need an Audit?

Anyone who bills government programs and private insurance plans should do audits at a minimum annually. Yes government agencies will at some point want to do an audit on your billing practices. In order to avoid issues or deficiencies in the event of an audit let us help you ensure that you’re billing properly. Private insurance plans are beginning to follow the same practice, we are aware of providers being asked to provide policies and procedures on their billing procedures for Medicare and Medical billing. Some are even suggesting that dental practices have proper Medical Billing Errors & Omissions audit insurance policies in place.

Moore Martini Medical compliance team is here to ensure you maximize your collections (legally), minimize losses, ensure that your records will ACTUALLY support you WHEN, Not IF, they are scrutinized by the government and Private Health Insurance payers.

NO we do not work for the government or insurance plans, we are here to provide dental practitioners a painless record audit experience to ensure you will pass an audit, to avoid possible penalties or fines for improper billing procedures. Our team has a combined 30 plus years of compliance, risk management, billing and coding audit experience. We work with your staff to teach them how to ensure your records support what has been billed and your patient’s records reflect the same, this will provide a wall of defense to prevent fraud or malpractice allegations and complaints against your practice.

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