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Enrollment / Training Services

Medicare Part B Credentialing (Opting IN) & Private Health Care enrollment

  • Enrollment as a Medicare Provider (Opting IN)
  • Credentialing for all Major Medical Insurance's

In order to bill Medicare Part B (major medical for patients 65 years old, and / or disabled) you must be enrolled as a Medicare provider. You must also be recognized by the Major Medical Plans to be able to bill for medically necessary procedures performed in your office.

CMS 855S DME (Durable Medical Equipment) Application

  • Required in order to bill Medicare for Sleep appliances
  • Medicare cost for this application is $554 as of 2016.

If you plan on providing FDA approved Sleep Apnea appliances you must have a DME application.

Day Rate Training Sessions available

  • Training on the billing process of billing Medically necessary procedures to Health plans and Medicare.

Whether you need us to train your staff on the basic intake process to understand what is needed from them to provide us to do your billing, or if you want us to train your biller on how to do Medical billing in your office we offer ½ day, and full day training sessions in your office or remotely.

Billing Services of your Medical and/or Medicare part B claims

  • We will process your claims on your behalf ask one of our team members for details.

We provide full Medical billing services for your office for a reasonable rate and no long term contracts involved.

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