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Electronic Health Records

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Our "EHR Meaningful Use Readiness Assessment" Includes

  • Meet with the provider and/or office staff to collect basic information on the practice with regards to both current and historical patient record keeping and recording, billing processes, systems utilized, State and Federal program participation and patient volume.
  • Once the basic information is reviewed with the practice, we will work with the provider and/or office support staff in the following:
  • Access the current EHR system and CMS and/or State Registries if applicable to determine the provider's current status in the program.
  • Gain a basic overview and understanding of the EHR system, reporting capabilities and the current status of utilization of EHR and/or PQRS (now MACRA) reporting features and capturing of patient data.
  • Address any initial questions or concerns noted by either party through this initial review of information and regarding the attestation processes for EHR and/or PQRS (now MACRA)
  • Upon completion of the assessment, we can determine the provider's specific practice status, needs and the level of assistance that is required in relation to EHR reporting and how we can accommodate the provider in moving forward with our services.

Electronic Health Records

One of the most dramatic changes that will happen in your dental practice in the next few years is coming very soon, which will affect how you practice on a daily basis.

This is an online database that contains a patient's entire health history from all of their health providers and dental records. Most dental practices are unaware this mandate is now effective in 2015.

You may be worried about the learning curve on how these mandates and changes will affect your dental practice. This process and change does take effort and needs to be incorporated efficiently. The team at Moore Martini Medical can train your staff on this process to ensure it is implemented properly and you will see the benefits from doing so.

A patient's current health status and medications will be available at a moment's notice and will not need to be verbally updated at each visit. This will lead to increased patient safety and better care.

Preparing for Change

Moore Martini Medical can walk your staff through this change and help you choose the proper software for your practice. This transition will help your office staff operate more efficiently and provide better service to your patients. Your patient data will be more organized and there will be less chance of errors.

Our advice is do not put this off any longer. The rewards you will see from making this change will amaze you and will increase the profits in your practice.

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