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Medicare Enrollment

Medicare Part B Credentialing & Private Medical Insurance Enrollment

PROTECT YOUR PRACTICE! See what CMS, Delta Dental, Liberty Dental Plan, and others are saying. "CMS will begin enforcement of a requirement for prescribers, INCLUDING DENTIST, who write prescriptions for Medicare Part D drugs to be enrolled in an approved status, in order for their patients' prescriptions to be covered under Medicare Part D."

October 31, 2016 CMS announced they will postpone full enforcement of provider enrollment in 2019, however providers still must make a decision to Opt IN to Medicare as a provider, CMS is still urging providers to enroll as soon as possible. Providers can bill Medicare part B for medically necessary procedures performed in your office for patients 65 years and older, and / or disabled which Dental plans may NOT cover.

Why should a dentist enroll in Medicare?

  • Competitive Advantage in the Market Place
  • Secure Patient Base / Increase in New Patients
  • Increased Revenue
  • Increase in Treatment Plan Acceptance

Medicare Credentialing / Opting INTO Medicare

Moore Martini Medical (MMM) can provide you with all of your Medical/Dental compliance and billing needs. We provide a hands on approach to helping your practice understand the many changes and mandates being implemented by Medicare. Our team of experts have combined over 40 years of experience in Medicare Compliance and Medical Billing. MMM will provide you with needed guidance on making the right choice for your practice and alleviating your staff from having to make sense of these complex changes.

Moore Martini Medical (MMM) specializes in all areas of credentialing your office with your Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) allowing for you to become a Medicare Part B Provider with ease. We will continuously monitor your application process until approval. If your Medicare application(s) has been delayed or returned due to errors in your submission process, we can assist you in correcting these issues to get your application approved.

MMM understands that the Medicare issues can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue if done incorrectly. We consistently monitor the numerous changes and compliance requirements Medicare continues to implement to ensure accuracy in the credentialing process.

Here are some common scenarios that a Medicare enrollment specialist could come in handy:

  • Did you open a new practice location?
  • Have you notified Medicare of this addition so you can bill for the services?
  • Did a physician leave your practice in the past?
  • Are you aware that Medicare must be notified of this change?
  • Are your claims being denied and you are not sure why?
  • Are you opening an office and not sure where to start?
  • Would you like to bill for DME but don't have a supplier number?

Our team of specialists can help you through these and any other challenges that your organization may be facing.

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